Sep26 2011

Big Brands Should Care More

I’m sure most of you have heard of the recent instance of JC Penney’s new line-up of T-shirts, which landed the brand on the RidicuList ( The story is worth attention as it tackles three important elements that a big brand, such as JC Penney should have given better consideration: 1.   Brand image 2.   Corporate social responsibility […]

Jul1 2011

Japan’s crisis communication response, the next case study

Japan’s tragedy, the next real global crisis after the BP Horizon oil spill, is on everyone’s mind at the moment. It’s all over the news and your friends and family are probably googling “Chernobyl” and “thyroid gland cancer in neighboring countries” obsessively. From a PR perspective, BP’s ex-CEO Tony Hayward’s response to the oil spill […]

Oct16 2009

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

To tweet or not to tweet?

Facebook became a popular entertainment for people and an effective tool for companies. And at the point where personal and corporative interests are overlapping some misunderstandings can appear. The most recent case in Britain proved that even a dangerous crash can occur at such crosspoint






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